Wednesday 26 April 2017
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Turntables – Examine Vital Aspects Associated With These Musical Instruments

When you are about to make the final decision of buying a turntable, there is a need to explore the vital aspects associated with this musical instrument. In general, people do believe there are only two types of turntables available in the market, one which is used by the DJs and another one is a massive large old record. Although both these instruments are pretty different but still quite similar in few ways. Both the devices make use of the turntables in order to produce exciting music effect. A turntable is basically an audio device which plays vinyl record.

For individuals, who want to become a DJ, there is a need to buy a top-notch turntable. With this particular guide, it would really become very much possible to understand some of the most important aspects of turntables.

  • Motor –

Motor is the first and foremost part of the turntable. Basically, there are two types of motors – belt driven and direct driven. Belt driven turntables are widely used in our home whereas direct driven is ideal for professional use. Belt driven record players are less costly and you can’t persist with them when it comes to extensive long use. Direct driven products will not create any problem and offer very high sound quality for a long time.


  • Manual or automatic-

The Automatic device is best suited for easier operation but if you plan to spin records at your own level and wish to entertain your friends and family members, you can opt for a manual turntable. Automatic models are simply the best but they will surely hurt your pocket great deal.

  • USB connectivity –

USB connectivity is the demand of the modern gadget. Most of the manufacturers will launch turntables with USB connectivity as it is the necessity of every individual. It is an exciting new feature added in these antique devices which really make them more efficient.


  • Speed –

How will you get to know the speed which you require to play the vinyl records you own? Basically, there are three playback speeds – 33, 45, and 78 RPM. Not many turntables would be able to operate all the speeds so you need to find one which is ideal for the vinyl records you own.

Turntables are very interesting musical instruments which still have plenty of scope to meet demands of music lovers.

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