Wednesday 26 April 2017
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The All Time Favorites of House Music

House music which originated from Chicago in the 1980s is a form of electronic dance music that was created and developed by dance club disk jockeys. One of the most distinctive features of house music is its use of the bass drum loops that was copied from the disco and the adding of electronic synthesizer, drums, effects, pop, and vocals. House music has become a permanent figure in the landscape of music. And over the years of its development, there have been best songs that stood out from all of the house music. They are so great that the impressions they left on people are still prominent to this day. fr4dd-e1402693117384

“Your Love” by Frankie Knuckles / Jamie Principle

This song was first recorded by Jamie Principle who was famously known as the “Godfather of House”. It was then edited by Frankie Knuckles. Knuckles’ version of the song became popular. Just from the start of the song, you could already tell that it is a great song. It is a combination of a fantastic electronic song with a catchy beat that you just have to dance to. Over the years there had been many remakes but nothing can beat the original and the very first remake.

“Good Life” by Inner Cityhqdefault

This is a song that showed that dance music is not all about raving it could also be popping. Kevin Saunderson together with the singer Paris Grey gave house music a lighter andradiant side. They were able to show that people still could groove to music that has strong upbeat vocals and synthesizers. Since this song was able to showcase a different side to house music it definitely deserves a spot on this list.

“Mystery of Love” by Fingers Inc.

This is another type of house music that uses vocals to entrance its listeners. It was said that the sultry vocals in the songs attracted many listeners and at the same time enticed them to dance.

“Chime” by Orbital

If you want to be hypnotized then this song is just for you. It is made of very simple yet spellbinding loops that give the house music an airy and mysterious vibe that makes a person sit back and relax. However, the music has enough beats to it that if you want to dance there is still a rhythm that you could follow.

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