Wednesday 26 April 2017
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Sms Trackers – A Mini Guide

When you hear the term, SMS Trackers, the first thing that would come to your mind is – a technology that could track all text messages. Well, SMS Tracker does that and a lot more. It is basically a security and communications app that logs and keeps track of text messages, picture messages (MMS), visited websites as well as locations and calls. It especially comes in handy when a parent wants to monitor his/her child’s communication activities and movements, that too using an extremely secure browser interface.


This app stays hidden on the kid’s phone with no icon shown and monitors everything, giving full access to almost all outgoing and incoming communications on that device. All the aggregated data can be viewed in the user friendly web interface, into which one logs in remotely. There are separate logs here like the SMS Log which holds SMS information, call logs and the like and Breadcrumbs, which shows location information collected from GPS.

There is even a much larger map on which the location of the device can be plotted. To use the app, a certain payment has to be done and prices keep varying though one is free to opt in and out of various services, based on personal requirements. This means you can choose to have access to only a particular thing, say location for instance and pay only for that service. All in all, it’s very detailed, easy to use and has hardly any impact on the battery.


What are the cons?

Though it is a good way to protect your teenager if they are in bad company, but it is a very intrusive way to do so. This should be the last option, to be used only when all open lines of communication with the child fail and trust is broken completely. There are aggressive parents too out there, who tend to isolate the child to a huge extent by using this; make sure you don’t fall in that category. Also, this app doesn’t track content exchanged using email or other messaging apps like Whatsapp. The Gizmoquip SMS Tracker is one which is widely used in Android devices and is very efficient.

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