Wednesday 26 April 2017
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Put On Some Bright Shoes

When we say scarpe luminose, we don’t mean the neon colored ones that can be overpowering and hurtful to the eyes, we mean the ones with LED lights. LED shoes, bright shoes, shoes with lights or whatever else you might call them are basically shoes with LED lights located at the area near the sole. They have the same structure as any other shoes out there except for their additional protection for the LED lights in the sole. If you have been searching around for quality LED shoes online, be careful since not everything displayed is what it’s cracked up to be, let us recommend a trusty website.

Hover Kicks

Hover Kicks is an online store that offers dozens of Led shoes with varying designs made for adults and kids. As you’re looking around for the perfect design, you might notice that they don’t offer half sizes for shoes. In case you have a half in your foot size, they recommend that you go up to the nearest whole; let’s say that you’re a 6 ½, then you should purchase the size 7 shoes. For every purchase in Hover Kicks, you should expect to see the pair of LED shoes that you chose and a dual USB charging connector.A typical LED shoe at Hover Kicks features 7 LED static colors specifically aqua, red, green, white, blue, yellow and purple. Aside from that, the shoes also have 1 LED strobe setting as well as 2 LED color changing options; the user can choose to rotate any of the 7 mentioned colors.

The LED lights will last to about 6 hours per charge, of course the battery life is based on the setting that you choose as well as the overall usage. Take note that the brighter colors take up more of the battery.

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