Wednesday 26 April 2017
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As promised, Caress Skinwear Collection features events people should attend if we have the time and resources. The team will participate in these gigs if we’re capable. In fact, we highlight events and places that we think should be part of our bucket list. Scroll down and see which ones fit yours.

1. Munich Oktoberfest


You’re late for this year but way too early for 2017. Germany’s Oktoberfest is a must attend annual even that showcases food, people, the German culture, tapping, a lot of partying and all right, the booze. Some people even find it worth their time stealing souvenir mugs as a sport, to no avail. If you’re lucky enough to join future Oktoberfests, go all out in supporting the feast by wearing trending Trachten. If you lose anything important during this celebration, go to their Lost and Found office. Make sure to claim your stuff within six months; else you’ll need to buy it back through public auction.

2. Texas Renaissance Festival


TRF is the closest you can get to an Oktoberfest in Texas with a surplus of events to attend until November. We can imagine food, costumes, drinks and so much fun all in a span of eight weeks. Can’t attend this year? It’s annual with slight variations on dates.

  • Oct 8-9 TRF Oktoberfest
  • Oct 15-16 1001 Dreams
  • Oct 22-23 Pirate Adventure
  • Oct 29-30 All Hallows Eve
  • Nov 5-6 Roman Bacchanal
  • Nov 12-13 Barbarian Invasion
  • Nov 19-20 Highland Fling
  • Nov 25-27 Celtic Christmas

3. Philippine Festivals


If you’re looking for an Asian adventure this year, start with the Pearl of the Orient. The Philippines showcases a multicultural mix you’ll enjoy that makes the Filipino culture, food, and people distinct. Start with the Pintaflores Festival in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental (Nov 3).

Upcoming Festivals You Shouldn’t Miss

  • Oct 14 Calaca Batangas Festival
  • Oct 18 Lanzones Festival
  • Nov 03 Pintaflores Festival
  • Nov 22 Higantes Festival
  • Dec. 01 Sinukwan Festival
  • Dec 19 Giant Lantern Festival