Wednesday 26 April 2017
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Vacation In The Birthplace Of Mozart

Austria has been a popular country, a centre to many political movements since a long. Austria has produced a lot of famous musicians and composers like Mozart and Johann Strauss. You can see that the scenic beauty of the country is so breathtaking that a person would be compelled to make such stunning music. Austria is a also a land of many traditional cultures like ball room dances which are still held till date. Austria should definitely be on your list for your next vacation, in fact we have made life easier for you by compiling a list of places that you need to visit when you are in Austria with some help from Wanderlust15. 20160413201452-vacation-pool


Vienna is the capital and the largest city of Austria where you can drown in beautiful melodies of the past legends and other than that you could attend a museum or an art exhibition like Hofburg. The cafes of this city are also very famous.

The next place that you need to visit is the fourth largest city of Austria which is also the birthplace of Mozart. You will find breathtaking Alpine landscape here, old fortresses and can even visit the birthplace of Mozart or other castles. The musical play, the Sound Of Music was also based here.images_qtbn_and9gcqq7aab8g6txgqe-zqr3c2b8rsi8t6f4fghbeckcmczc5uvvhkxeq

Salzkammergut is another beautiful town on the slopes of the Alps which starts at Salzburg and continues into the land of the lakes. The lakes look beautiful and clean against the mountains and the entire scene is picturesque. You can reside at the various resorts at this place.

St Anton am Alberg is a very renowned ski resort with its legendary ski terrains. You will see ski enthusiasts crowding this place during winters and mountaineers during summer as they set off for their treks.


Stay Prepared With The Perfect Travel Accessories

In order to ensure you enjoy your vacation to the fullest, it is always best to carry all your beauty accessories along with you. This helps you to look great and capture pictures that you will be happy to cherish for a lifetime. While there a number of things that you would want to take on a trip with you, packing all your beauty accessories means having to over pack. This is why you should visit FLO before you take a trip. Flo is one of the best websites that helps you get all your travel and beauty accessories in compact sizes. This enables you to carry all the things you want without having to increase the weight of your baggage. images_qtbn_and9gct12ij9mst1xtdupew_sgjwhmfn75ilunypk0-iawufsgwj8zcsqq

This is a convenient way to shop and all you need to do is browse through the items available, place an order and have the items delivered to your doorstep. You can also choose to customize your own travel kit by picking items that you feel are best to carry on a trip. It’s always a good idea to check the weather conditions for the place you plan on visiting so you can pack beauty accessories based on the weather.002_travel-accessories

Investing in a comprehensive travel accessories kit helps you stay organized before, during and after vacation. This kit will ensure that you will not forget the things that you need to carry for the vacation. This will include all travel documents such as passport, ID proof, hotel booking, cab bookings, local maps, travel blog copies and many more things. The kit will also keep you organized during the trip. Since all the things are organized in the order that you would need them there will be stress when you reach the hotel or the airport. Each of the documents will be organized in the order that they are needed for the trip. This means that the tickets will be first followed by the hotel bookings and the list goes on. This makes it easy to access documents at the right time and nothing gets left behind. Even at the end of the trip the travel accessories kit will help you stay organized and pack everything back that you had carried for the trip. A travel accessories kit is definitely one of the best things to invest in when going on a vacation.

A Tour In Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi group of islands is arguably the most popular island in all of Bangkok. The city of Bangkok gets a lot of profit out of these islands due to its massive pull of tourists which translates to a lot of business opportunities for investors in and out of Thailand. People keep coming back to Phi Phi not just because of the great sceneries and beaches found in Phi Phi Leh but because the opposite island which is Phi Phi Don also provides nightlife, parties and other forms of entertainment. The group of islands can provide a balance of serenity through nature and the ambiance of urban life.

Phi Phi Island Tour Itinerary

If you are looking forward to go to Phi Phi islands then you need to book with a travel agency to let them prepare an itinerary for you. This would be much more convenient on your part so that your visit in there would run smoothly. The most basic way of getting into the island is via a Phi Phi island boat tour. If you have enough budget then you can ride a speedboat to get there. But if your budget does not allow it then might as well settle with traveling boats that have scheduled trips.


There are a lot of places that you can visit in the island. As mentioned beforehand, the nature attractions can be found in Phi Phi Leh while the hotel resorts, nightclubs and other entertainment venues are in Phi Phi Don. Your only choice would be to spend overnight in Phi Phi Don yet tour all day around Phi Phi Leh. If it is your first time to visit Phi Phi island then might as well prepare a good budget so that you would not end up starving on your latter days. The prices in the island are much more expensive compared to mainland Bangkok.


There are a lot of beautiful beaches and coastlines in Phi Phi island. In fact, the Hollywood movie “The Beach” which starred Leonardo Dicaprio was shot in one of the beautiful beaches in here. There are some beaches though that are being used as ports or areas where boats can dock. But if you are in a Phi Phi island boat trip then you have a lot of opportunity to seek out other spots where you can swim freely, do snorkeling or even scuba diving. The most popular beach in all of Phi Phi is the Long Beach which is only walking distance from the town area. A lot of people flock to this beach due to its accessibility but don’t expect it to be the most beautiful in all of Phi Phi.