Wednesday 26 April 2017
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Harmful Effects Of Smoking Weed

Weed; also known in the general term as marijuana comes from the cannabis plant.  The stems, leaves and seeds of the plants should be shredded of completely and then dried before the use. Some people use it in their food, tea, water and inhalers. Majority of the people smoke the weed by rolling it in the paper and inhaling the weed. The main ingredient which works as an intoxicating element is the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol(THC).


What happens when a person smokes weed?

When a person inhales marijuana it gets absorbed into the lungs and is quickly released into the bloodstreams and other vital organs of the body. The ill effects start as soon as it hits the organs of the body like the heart, circulatory system, nervous system, liver and kidneys. Researchers have been doing various researches on the ill effects on the body. Here are some adverse affects of weed on the body parts:


  • Respiratory system- marijuana is composed up of many toxic chemicals that can block the air passages in the lungs and lead to infections and diseases such as bronchitis and lung infections. Ammonia and hydrogen cyanide are the main ingredients that lead to lung infections in the body. Coughing and wheezing are the main problems plaguing the body in such cases. They might aggravate diseases like asthma and cystic fibrosis. Marijuana or weed contains carcinogenic ingredients that can also lead to lung cancer.
  • Circulatory system- they effect of 1 8 of weed on the heart are serious. As soon as you smoke weed it is likely to increase your heartbeat by 40-50 per minute. According to NIDA, this increased heartbeat can continue up to 3 hours. People who have a heart disease can face some serious problem and can even have heart attacks.


  • Nervous system-as soon as the smoke of weed enters the bloodstream it doesn’t take much time for THC to release into the blood stream and circulate in the body. This element THC triggers the brain to release large amount of dopamine a natural occurring “feel good” chemical which gives a high feeling. People having some nervous issues like frequent headaches and pain might exaggerate their problem.

Digestive system- smoking weed produces a sort of burning sensation in the throat and lungs. When taking oral THC it affects the liver and might lead to damaging of the liver. It also creates nausea and vomiting.

Good Reasons Why Modest Cremation Is Worth Choosing

These days, cremation has been the hottest topic when it comes to funeral services. Some people preferred to have cremation in order to preserve the ashes of the dead body. There are also some other people in the world who choose to have cremation this is just affordable in their place. If you have finally decided to have cremation, then you should go for Modest Cremation. There are a number of reasons why it is chosen by many, and some of these good reasons are the following:

Long Years of Experience in the Industry

This company has been providing cremation services to a lot of people for so long now. Because of this, you can be sure that it is already experienced in the industry where it belongs. These long years of experience are enough reasons why it is extremely reliable. It is the company that you should trust.


Affordable Cremation Services

Modest Cremation is also well known for its very affordable cremation services. Yes, you read it right. There is no need for you to spend all your finances just to avail the cremation service of the company. You can take advantage of it in just a very low price. You can avail its cremation package that only costs $1,045. Can you believe on that? The cremation service package actually includes Six Proof of Death Certificates, transportation from the death’s place, transfer of the dead body to the crematory place, registration and documentation, preparation and sheltering of the dead body, and cardboard cremation container.

Friendly and Reliable Staffs

The cremation company is also being commended by a lot of customers because of its friendly and reliable staffs. There is no way you will feel being discriminated and disregarded since from the very moment you approach to them, you will definitely be accommodated well. They have full smiles in their faces at all times. Because of this, you will simply feel that you are only talking to a friend of yours. Isn’t that a great thing to know?


24 Hours Customer Service

Another good reason why this cremation company is worth choosing is the fact that it has 24 hours customer service. Meaning to say, you can always contact the staffs of the company whatever time it is, may it be dawn or nighttime. If you have a lot of questions in your mind, you can also ask the representatives of the company. Just make sure to call them, and your questions will surely be answered.