Wednesday 26 April 2017
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Category: Fitness

Trust Reviews before Trusting Fitness Programs

We have all dreamt of getting that perfect bikini body for ourselves, one that we have grown up watching the Hollywood stars flaunt. However, achieving such a body is not a very easy feat. One cannot just wake up, decide on getting a perfect bikini body and achieve it just like that. One has to follow a strict fitness routine, and eat the right foods to maintain the right amount of calories getting in the body to maintain such a body. Getting a perfect body is a trend nowadays, and that is the reason why online fitness programs are such a rage these days. There are thousands of sites on the internet which boasts of that perfect fitness routine which would help you make your dream come true. But how do you decide who you should trust? This is where reviews come into play. e65df03d2bed82d6fea2073c5b949b1e

Kayla Itsines is a high profile fitness trainer from Australia, who provides online fitness training guides in her website. You can subscribe for the BBG guide at $69.99, for which you will be provided with eBooks, videos, set of exercises, instructions on how to perform these exercises and a customized diet chart based on your body type. The diet chart consists of the right mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods, and will take care of your appetite without keeping you hungry. You will have to perform the exercises for half-an-hour, six days a week so that won’t be a problem even if you have a very busy schedule.images_qtbn_and9gcs1edn2tb9kx2befwp3ssqlzwbpoihwolovyjjmw8bzz9vtt7cewq

As far as reviews go, the review by is blunt and honest. While they have praised Kayla for scientifically designing a fitness program for all the women out there, they have also pointed out that the higher price is going to be a factor. Not everyone can afford it.