Wednesday 26 April 2017
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Best Syrian Hamster Cage

                First and foremost before you just right into purchasing the cutest or most affordable hamster cage out there, you need to understand that the cage needs of a Syrian hamster is quite different. A perfect Syrian hamster cages needs to be spacious and as much as possible you should not keep them with another hamster even if it’s also a Syrian hamster. The main reason for this is that Syrian hamsters can be extremely territorial, it can even lead to the death of one of the hamsters. Syrian hamsters originated from Israel and Syria, thus the name but they are also known as teddy bear hamsters.

Machioro Goran 82

                In terms of elbow room for your little furry hamster, this cage might provide more than enough for them to be comfortable and freely run around. At first you might think that it’s a little bare, but it’s the perfect set up for your Syrian hamster. The large tube and sturdy upper level offers an extra resting place. Since the deep bowl is located at the side of the cage and the water bottle can be easily filled from the outside, there’s more space for you to add little accessories like wheels, nesting boxes and even an additional whole floor.

The Machioro Goran 82 has four plastic clips that can support additional accessories. Among these clips is the one for the front door, the clip that acts like a nifty door latch. A deep pan is another feature, who wants to actually deal with the hassle of cleaning up the hamster’s mess on a day basis? On an additional note, if you’re planning on adding a classic hamster wheel into the cage, you might need to add an elevated surface which the hamster can easily climb. The deep pan would force the wire part of the cage to slightly start higher.

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